Independent Advice

Asia Pacific assists our clients by providing independent advice regarding the insurance and legal issues that inevitably arise in the aftermath of an aviation accident. We explain the investigation process, the aviation insurance landscape as it may apply to the accident, the potential claims for both liability and damages and the options available to progress a claim.

Legal Representatives

Asia Pacific does not assess the likelihood of a claim existing in any particular case; the complexities and inter-relationship of aviation law and insurance necessitates the involvement of specialist aviation law experts. We do however assist our clients by providing advice and assistance in choosing an appropriate legal representative to act on their behalf.

Aviation Law is a highly specialised discipline practiced by only a few law firms around the world (with all major firms based in the United States). Asia Pacific has worked with the majority of these firms throughout our long history and can provide an independent assessment of each firms suitability to assist in any particular case.

Ongoing Advocacy

Should a client wish to pursue a claim, Asia Pacific often acts as an advocate on their behalf. In most cases, claims are pursued by more than one client at the same time. This type of action, known as Mass Tort Litigation, involves multiple clients being represented by a single law firm in a single case. Asia Pacific acts as a representative for the clients by advocating for their interest in the matter, liaising directly with the appointed legal team and providing ongoing feedback in non-legalise.

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