Independent advice and assistance for victims of aviation disasters.

At Asia Pacific Claims Management we specialise in providing independent advice and assistance to individuals, estates and corporations affected by aviation accidents around the world where civil litigation and claims for compensation are involved.

We have a long history of success in assisting clients navigate the very complex world of civil litigation as it relates to aviation. Our expertise is extensive and our advice unbiased.

We operate completely independently; we are not lawyers, attorneys or solicitors nor do we act exclusively for any single law firm. Our sole aim is to provide unbiased, independent advice and assistance to our clients regarding the potential of any civil claim for compensation, the most appropriate path to perusing such a claim should one exist and advocating on behalf of our clients throughout the legal process.

Passengers on Singapore Airlines flight 321 between the UK and Singapore may be eligible for compensation for injuries sustained and property lost or damaged pursuant to the provisions of The Montreal Convention 1999 (MC99).

Our services cover both advice in the formative stages of a potential claim as well as ongoing assistance through advocating on behalf of our clients in cases where a claim for compensation has commenced.

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